Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace a lost or broken AirPod or other wireless bud?
Absolutely! Replacement buds and cases from us can easily be paired to your original set. It doesn't matter if you lost just one bud, the charging case, or both buds! All you have to do is follow our pairing guide below. No need to go out and buy an entirely new set!

How do I pair my replacement bud with my original set?
Follow our simple pairing guide below:

  1. Unpair your original set. Go to Settings -> Bluetooth -> click “info” icon next to device -> click “Forget This Device”.

  2. Place both left and right pods in the case, close the lid.

  3. Connect the charging case to a power source and charge for 30 minutes or until you see a solid green or white light when lifting the lid up.

  4. Remove cable and open the lid. Press and hold the pairing button on the back of the case (for AirPods) or the center button on the case (for Beats Buds or PowerBeats) until the light flashes white.

  5. If a setup animation appears, you have successfully paired your AirPods. If a setup animation does not appear after 10 seconds, then close and reopen the lid. Repeat the process from step 1.

If you follow these guidelines, but continue to have difficulty, please visit our YouTube Channel for in-depth video tutorials. 

Are all of your AirPods, Beats and Galaxy Buds authentic Apple and Samsung products?
Yes. An important part of our refurbishing process is authenticating each AirPod,  AirPod Case, Beats Bud and PowerBeat to ensure that they are original, authentic Apple products. The same is true for all of our Samsung offerings. If you have concerns about the product you received, please contact us. It's actually not possible to pair a non-authentic headphone with an original one, so please ensure your set is authentic before purchasing a replacement from us!

What happens if I accidentally purchased the wrong model or the incorrect side?
If you ordered the wrong model or incorrect side (don't worry, this happens to the best of us!) we can quickly exchange your item for the correct one through an exchange. Please visit our return portal and follow the instructions there. 

How to get in touch with us?
You can reach us with the information below if you still have questions, and we would be glad to help.

phone: (408) 317-0299